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  Spring 2019
Volume 92, Issue 3


 I am the personal.
Your world is you. I am my world.
--Wallace Stevens, "Bantams in Pine Woods"


   Articles for the Spring 2019 Issue
  1. Uncle Sam's Con Artists: World War II's Ghost Army
    by Barton C. Shaw
      This article explores how a fake army division, complete with wooden tanks, was used to mislead the Nazi armies in Europe during World War II.  The author's father is in the picture on the left.  A pdf file of this article is available here.
  2. The Day Before the Day of Infamy: Saturday December 6, 1941
    by William Beachly
      What was going on in the United States the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor?  The author explores the popular culture of the era. A pdf file of this article is availaable here
  3. Closing the Asylums: The Causes and Continuing Consequences
    by George Paulson
      The nation has oben had a problem with what to do with the mentally ill.  The "old" solution was a system of asylums to house those who could not look out after themselves.  But the asylumns were closed and the consequences have been unexpected.  A pdf file of this article is available here.
  4. The Temptation of Empire: The Great Debate over America's Role in the World at the Dawn of the 20th Century
    by Robert Johnson
      What can a nation which has a self-image of being better than other empires do with newly acquired territory?  Several alternatives are explored, with one example bing the Philippines. A pdf file of this article is available here. 
  5. Skipping Mars
    by John Fockler
      The push to send a space craft to Mars is misguided.  What we really need to do is to send an explorer to the asteroid belt and mine the valuable metals there.   A pdf file of this article is available here.
  6. Working on the (Overground) Railroad
    by Robert Neuhauser
      How to settle immigrants who are fleeing violence in Central America is a difficult problem.  The author was involved in the process of getting refugees across the United States and into Canada, where they were welcomed as landed immigrants.  A pdf file of this article is available here.
  7. The Continuity of Consciousness
    by Deborah Bauserman
      Drawing a bit on her own experience as well as on wide reading, the author considers humankind's long fascination with the capacities of our own minds.  A pdf file of this article is available here.

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