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Fall 2013
Volume 87, Issue 1

The Paxton Award Winners
The Selection Process

Norine Haas–Awards Committee Chair
1976 – W. Norris Paxton
1977 – Seymour A. Horwitz
1978 – James E. Ingram
1979 – Jack E. Gieck
1980 – John W. Allen
1981 – John F. Brown
1982 – Robert E. Shepherd, Jr.
1983 – Harry D. Lewis
1984 – Dan Pletta
1985 – Jerry L. Petr
1986 – John H. D. Bryan
1987 – E. Cabell Brand
1988 – Hubert J. Davis
1989 – Warner M. Montgomery
1990 – Jesse R. Long
1991 – Earnest R. Oney
1992 – Kathryn P. Clausen
1993 – Charles G. Beaudette
1994 – Thomas L. Minnick
1995 – C. Walter Clark
1996 – Richard Schellhase
1997 – Leanne Wade Beorn
1998 – Gerald G. Eggert
1999 – Mary Frances Forcier
2000 – Robert G. Neuhauser
2001 – Jonathan B. Wight
2002 – Richard T. Schellhase
2003 – Mark Lore
2004 – Matthew T. Taylor Sr.
2005 – Robert G. Neuhauser
2006 – Malcolm M. Marsden
2007 – Edward P. Blazer
2008 – Arthur B. Gunlicks
2009 – Charles W. Darling
2010 – Barton C. Shaw
2011 – Danny J. Krebs
2012 – Roland F. Moy
2013 – Leland W. Robinson

     The Paxton Award, created in honor and memory of W. Norris Paxton, past president of the International Association of Torch Clubs and editor emeritus of Torch, is given to the author of an outstanding paper presented by a Torch member at a Torch meeting. The winning author for the 2014 award will receive an appropriate trophy, a $250 honorarium, and paid registration to the 2014 IATC convention  in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. The winner will be introduced at the convention banquet where he or she (or a designated representative) will deliver the paper on June 21, 2014.

    Eligibility: The author must be a member of a Torch club. The paper must have been delivered to a Torch club meeting or a regional Torch meeting between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013 (inclusive), and be submitted to the IATC Office by February 15, 2014. Current officers and directors of IATC are ineligible for this award during their terms of office.

    Procedure: All papers to be published in Torch should be sent to the
IATC Office, Attn. Editor, 11712C Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA
23606, along with the current Manuscript Submission Form (available from the club secretary or IATC Office), duly signed by the author and a club officer.

    Paxton candidates will be selected by the Editorial Advisory Committee  from  all papers submitted  for publication  in Torch. The Paxton Award Committee will consider the EAC recommended  2013 papers in the spring of 2014 to determine the 2014 award winner.

    Judging: The reading and judging panel comprises five people: a member of the Board of Directors of the IATC, one of the last five winners of the Paxton Award, a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee, and two members selected by the IATC Board of Directors. Judging is based on the principles set forth in the IATC brochure “The Torch Paper,” available from the IATC Office, and the “Manuscript Submission Suggestions” at the Publications link of the IATC website The winner of the Paxton Award and other contestants will be notified early in May 2014.

Additional Information:

• A publishable Torch paper should be approximately 3,000 words in length.

•  Local clubs are not allowed to  submit  papers directly for Paxton consideration.

• The Paxton Award paper will be published in the Fall 2014 issue of

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