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Volume 2, Number 2
Fall 2004
Outline of Articles
  1. The Concept of The Family: Demographic and Genealogical Perspectives 

  2. by Charles B. Nam
      Household size in the United States has been decreasing since the first census of the nation was taken. The demographic perspective, which focuses on the household, probably has led to the popular notion that the family is in a state of decline.  Nam argues that the demographic measure of the family is far too narrow.  Rather, there is considerable evidence that kinship remains important today, even if kin do not live together. 

  3. The Economic and Social Impact of Job Loss in Robeson County, North Carolina  1993-2003 

  4. by Leslie Hossfeld, Mac Legerton and Gerald Keuster 
      As industry becomes less and less important in information-oriented societies, what happens to those left behind?  What happens to older workers?  The authors use Robeson County in North Carolina as a case study. 

  5. How the “Queen Science” Lost Her Crown: A Brief Social History of Science Fairs and the Marginalization of Social Science

  6.  by Jonathan Marx 
      Science fairs at one time started out with an interest of increasing participation in the sciences.  But as time has passed, the definition of science has been narrowed to the point where any possible social science project has been eliminated in favor of the bench sciences only.  Even here, natural curiosity of students has been deemphasized.  It is not surprising that science majors in the USA are becoming fewer and fewer given the narrowing of the disciplines.  Young people are discouraged from majoring in science by the science establishment. 

  7. Social Stratification: The Digital Divide In North Carolina

  8. by Kenneth R. Wilson, Christa Reiser, Kelly Potter and Jennifer S. Wallin
      Despite efforts to  provide access to the internet in rural areas, in most areas of information technology the gap between urban and rural areas is growing.  Urban residents are far more likely to have access to computer services than their rural counterparts.  Whites much more likely to have access to the internet at home compared to African Americans in North Carolina. 

  9. The Impact of Density: The Importance of Nonlinearlity and Selection on Flight and Fight Responses: A Review Article

  10. by George H. Conklin
      The article "The Impact of Density" by Wendy C. Regoeczi is reviewed as part of Sociation Today's effort to place focus on important articles relating to core social science concepts.  The effects of density on human behavior may have been underreported in the past due to the non-linear relationship between density and crowding and the fact that people self select out of dense situations. 

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