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  Spring/Summer 2016
Volume 14, Issue 1

Copyright, Open Access, Reprint
and Quality-Control Issues   

    Sociation Today is an open-access sociology journal.  It is refereed and quality controlled.  All articles submitted are reviewed (refereed). The members of the Editorial Board are listed on the home page and at the bottom of each article, along with our institutional affiliations.  These are the men and women who do most of the refereeing for us. 

    Sociation Today is published by the North Carolina Sociological Association (NCSA), a non-profit group.  The web address for NCSA is www.ncsociology.org/new.  Sociation Today has a shortcut at www.sociationtoday.org.  No officer of NCSA is paid nor receives any allowance for travel to meetings or for any other reason.  We are all volunteers. 

    All the editorial board members and the editor of Sociation Today are also volunteers.  Sociation Today does not charge to review manuscripts nor do we charge to publish them.  We do copyright our materials for quality control purposes.  However, we do not charge anyone to read the materials (thus open access).  Nor is there a charge to reprint an article BUT we do ask for you to inform us of any interest in reprinting AND to give the author and the journal credit.  You may not modify or rewrite an article.  Authors are free to use their own article in any way they wish, but would need to mention that it was published first in Socation Today.  We do not accept articles that have been previously published.  As a regional society, most of our authors are in the region and thus the problem of plagiarism has not been an issue with us. 

    One of the goals of Sociation Today has been to make available to the public refereed, scholarly sociological articles without charging high fees like JSTOR.  Open access means knowledge should be free.  For us, it is. 

    Sociation Today is web-based.  Our ISSN number is ISSN 1542-6300.  We are a member of the EBSCO publishing group.  The EBSCO data base provides us with a way of making sure our articles have a permanent home maintained by another organization.  Most university libraries in the United States are a member of EBSCO.   Sociological Abstracts lets other sociologists know of articles. 

   In the past Sociation Today has been a member of DOAJ, a group which listed our journal as an open access source and maintained our index of past issues, a valuable service.  We were invited to join this group after our first issue.  However, recently our index seems to have disappeared.

    It seems that our reapplication, requested of all member publications, did earn a response from DOAJ, saying they would get back to us upon review.  That is the last that was heard, although they did change our mailing address to gconklin@nccu.edu.  As most people use Google these days, what happened to DOAJ is uclear right now. 

George H. Conklin, Editor
Updated July 2016.. 

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