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 North Carolina Central

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 N.C. State University

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Volume 1, Number 1
Spring 2003
Outline of Articles
  1. The North Carolina Sociological Association: A National Model for Sociology? 

  2.  by Michael Wise and Catherine Harris
      The North Carolina Sociological Association has led other sociological societies in a variety of areas.  In establishing a Web-based journal sponsored by a professional sociological society, we continue to lead the nation.
  3. Exploring Accessibility Verses Opportunity Crime Factors

  4.  by Elizabeth Davison and William Smith
      People often wonder why urban crime rates are higher than those in rural areas or small towns.  Davison and Smith look at opportunity and accessibility as factors which make people more likely to be victims in urban areas. Under 'further reading' below you will see that crime patterns are NOT random and can be predicted by urban design.
    • Further Reading on Crime and Urban Location (from an earlier posting)

  5. Stigma and the Inappropriately Stereotyped: The Deadhead Professional

  6.  by Rebecca Adams
      Professional people are often music lovers, and follow bands and their music, including becoming Deadheads. 
  7. City Size and Human Behavior: A Review Article

  8.   by George H. Conklin
      Humans are influenced by their environments, whether we realize it or not in daily life.  B. F. Skinner, for example, states we control human behavior the same way we control animal behavior:  by manipulating the environment, similar in concept to Louis Wirth's notion of urban size and density.  In this review, a signficant article on urban size and civic participation is reviewed as part of Sociation Today's effort to bring to light important articles which should receive further reading.
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