Sociation Today
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The North Carolina
Sociological Association
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ISSN 1542-6300
Editorial Board:
George H. Conklin,
 North Carolina
 Central University

Richard Dixon,

Chien Ju Huang,
 North Carolina Central

Ken Land,
 Duke University

Miles Simpson,
 North Carolina Central

Ron Wimberley,
 N.C. State University

Robert Wortham,
 North Carolina
 Central University
(Board as of
Founding of 
Sociation Today.)

Goals, Objectives and Author's Submission Guidelines

    The goal of Sociation Today is not to replicate the standard journal article of 25 pages, with references going all the way back to Durkheim.  Rather, our model will be short articles with one or two tables which will be accessible to professionals, students and the general population. 
  • A model for style can be found by examining a current issue, but see below for how to do references. 
  • Work submitted for publication should be original. Articles aimed at core concepts in sociology are favored, since our audience will extend beyond the usual academic institutions. 

  • Please e-mail your submissions to the editor. The new e-mail address as of 8 March 2007 is The old e-mail address ( is no longer available exept on campus, and thus cannot be answered quickly. 

  • Note: by appearing on the Web, students, faculty and the public can easily search it out.  People today seem to avoid going to the library, but are willing to spend hours searching for information on the Internet. 

  • Sociation Today is abstracted in Sociological Abstracts.  It is also listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals, which provides for on-line searching.  See the current issue for the link.  Starting with the Spring 2006 issue Sociation Today is a member of the EBSCO Publishing Group.

  • Each submission to Sociation Today is peer-reviewed (refereed) by sociologists. Since referees are volunteers, the speed of reviews has ranged from several weeks to several months. 

  • Sociation Today is the first web-based sociological journal sponsored by a professional society.  At a time when established journals such as Science are facing challenges from the scientific community who wish to publish quickly with a refereed publication on the Web.  We feel that Sociation Today will set the tone for future publishing in the social sciences.  Sociation Today charges neither the author for publication, nor the reader to access our publication.

    Updated for Authors
    June 2008

    Based on the experiences over the past years, please note the following helpful hints about submitting articles for possible publication.

    • Most authors submit their work using Word.  Please do not submit HTML files.  Please:  NO FOOTNOTES, especially those at the bottom of the page.  Integrate footnotes into the text.  In HTML, footnotes go at the end of the article, where most readers will ignore them.  

    • In order to maintain some uniformity across different articles, simply type your tables, not using complex table-making formats in Word.  The editor will then retype your tables.  Keep tables short enough to fit onto one computer screen so the reader can actually use the screen to view your work.  More and more, readers are NOT printing articles.  

    • You may submit any Excel work within Word.  But keep in mind that the images need to be narrow enough to fit into the current format without automatically pushing the margins.  Shrinking a large .gif chart or graph causes a drastic less of quality if done with the size commands.  

    • Since Sociation Today will be available for many years, we must anticipate browser changes without having to constantly rework past issues.   By limiting the width of articles in current issues, it is possible to have a readable page regardless of screen width. For best printing, set Internet Explorer to small type and print. 

    • Here is a sample reference for a book:

        Gurr, T. R. 1976.  Rogues, Rebels, and Reformers: A Political History of Urban Crime and Conflict.  Beverly Hills, CA.:  Sage.

    • Here is a sample reference for an article: 

        Stack, Steven. 1983. "The Effect of Religious Commitment on Suicide: A Cross-National Analysis." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 24: 362-74. 

    • Here is a sample reference to a cited article: 

        This definition focuses on "the benefits accruing to individuals by virtue of participating in groups (Portes 1998)."