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Current News

Dr. Beth Davison, Appalachian State University, is the new treasurer of the North Carolina Sociological Association.  The new membership form has been revised to change the mailing address. 

The 2015 Annual Meeting will be at North Carolina State University on February 13, 2015.  Dr. Bill Smith is heading up the conference which will focus on building community.  More news will be forthcoming here at with the next issue of The Bulletin, which will be edited by Ana-Maria Gonzalez Wahl of Wake Forest University.


The Spring/Summer  2014 issue of Sociation Today is now available. It can viewed by
clicking here.

Other News of Interest to Sociologists

It is commonly thought that more poor people live in cities than in the suburbs, which are said to be relatively rich. By 1999, however, poverty was about equally balanced between the city and the suburbs. Since then the trend has continued and there are now more poor in the suburbs than in the cities of the United States. By 2010 the gap is even wider.
  • The link to the full report by the Brookings researchers can be found at: link

Suburbanization is sometimes accused to forcing people into isolation and loneliness.  But using national data, Economist Jan Brueckner has found the opposite. 

  • The link to the Brueckner video is: 

Our video on Max Weber is once again available, thanks to Seth Allen who uploaded it for us.


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July 24, 2014
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