The North Carolina Sociological Association


Each year the NCSA presents an Award for Contributions to Sociology. This award recognizes excellence in teaching, service, research, or other activity. It is open to members of the NCSA in academic, research, or applied positions.

Nominations may be made by an individual other than the nominee, an academic department, government agency, or employer. The nomination should include a summary of appropriate evidence, including information about items such as:

Teaching evaluations by students, peers, and administrators.

Developing and improving teaching techniques.

Advising and supervising students and serving as a mentor.

Developing, administering, evaluating and marketing courses and programs.

Fostering improved teaching through research, publications, conferences, and workshops.

Outstanding scholarly contributions through books, articles, or other publications.

Service to the academic community or one's place of employment.

Service to the profession of Sociology through work with either state, regional, national or international associations.

Community service at the local, state, regional or national level. This could include work with both nonprofit and profit organizations where the outcome demonstrated a significant contribution to sociology or to bettering society.

The application of sociological knowledge to a critical societal problem and its solution.

The winner will be recognized at the annual meeting and receive a plaque and NCSA lifetime membership.

Previous winners of this award are:

Joseph Himes

Isabelle Powell

Alfred Denton (1993)

Odell Uzzell

Ben Judkins

Ella Keller

Lee Dodson

Catherine Harris (1997)

George H. Conklin (1998)

Dick and Ida Simpson (1999)

David Pratto (2000)

John Shelton Reed (2000)

Pat Wyatt (2001)

Mike Wise (2001)

Virginia Foxx (2002)

Ken Land (2003)

Ron Wimberley (2004)

Sue Pauley

Ken Spenner

Edward A. Tiryakian

Robert Wortham

Robert Moxley

Steve McNamee

Ken Wilson

Catherine Zimmer

Lee Dodson, Lifetime Achievement Award (2014)

Ella Keller Lifetime Achievement Award (2016)

Updated June 1, 2016